Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Top it with Mustard to keep your Physique

When it comes to selecting a condiment to place onto of your meal select wisely. Many sauces, syrups, and toppings are packed with calories, fats, and sugars (Not the good kind) and can really kill your physique quickly. As a general rule of thumb I always say to stay clear of white cream based and BBQ sauces. These are both full in flavor but also full of fats and sugars when mixed together will add unwanted pounds to your frame. Welcome to the world of MUSTARD! It’s truly one of the great condiments that you can consume even during cutting and show prep because of its limited macros. The bases for all mustards are water, vinegar, and mustard seed which all have zero calories. Your standard mustard has zero calories, zero fat, zero carbs, zero protein. Yes it does have a small amount of sodium approximately 55 mg (or 2% of your daily recommended intake) but I wouldn’t be too worried about it as it’s one of the best options you’ll ever find. Even when you get into fancy mustards such as seen in the image above, they are great choices that add variety to your foods without negative consequences. All of these varieties will have anywhere from 5-10 calories per serving and relatively low macros which make them a desirable choice.As an added kick, mustard seed also has anti-inflammatory properties that will help you recover from a hard workout.

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