Friday, 30 December 2011

Things to think about when selecting a new gym

With the New Year approaching and many people flocking to the gym as they set new year’s resolutions for themselves to get in shape, lose weight, or regain the form they once had. It’s nice to see that people are motivated to make a change in their life that is positive in so many ways. On the other hand it’s also sad to see so many people fail to stay with their resolution for the entire year for whatever reason it might be. I’ve come across many people that don’t stay with their plan because of something related to the gym that they selected to workout at and for this reason I’m going to outline a couple of things you should think about when signing up for a gym in your area.
Is the gym close enough that you’ll have the time to get there and back? Does your travel path go with or against the heavy traffic flows?
Is the gym open when you want to workout? Does it close early on weekends or holidays when you might have extra time to workout?
Is there parking provided for the members and if yes do time limits exist? Are the parking spaces always full or is it easy to find a spot?
Don’t get tricked by weekly or bi weekly payments and creating that mental block in your head that it’s cheaper than you think. Look at is as an entire year with any additional fees that might be added on such as a sign up fee, parking fees, ext.

Does the gym have all the equipment that you need to do your workout and is it going to be free when you want to use it? There’s nothing worse than having to wait in the middle of your workout for a leg press machine or a squat rack.
Added benefits
Towel service, children’s care centers, fitness classes, ext. If it’s something that you value and want in a club make such they have it.
Is the gym clean and in order or are weights all over the place and there’s dust from 3 years ago on the equipment? These are important things to make sure as they will change your mood during your workout if the club isn’t up to your standards.
Terms and Conditions
Do you have to sign a contract? What’s the cancellation policy? Will your membership ever increase in price?
Does the atmosphere of the gym match what you are looking for and is a positive one that will allow you to achieve your goals? Are other members like you or are they in a different stage of fitness? Finding that proper culture will be an added bonus and make you enjoy your time at the club.

I hope this gets you thinking and keeps you on track towards your goals. If you have any problems with the club you are at, please don’t ever stop fully for whatever reason. Look for other alternatives that will match your lifestyle and keep you active. Happy training

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