Friday, 4 November 2011

The Sweaty Mailbag (November 4th Edition)

On a regular basis I’ll be posting a mailbag to answer popular questions that I’ve received and that I think will help you in your daily life.  If one person is asking, I’m assuming that multiple people could have the same question and by answering those in a public forum maximum utility will come from it. Please feel free to send questions or comments to corey at or comment below the mailbag and I’ll try to include an answer in the next posting.
Q: Should I do my exercises fast or slow when working out? Grant S. Canada
A: This can turn into a long answer as there are so many different training techniques that are designed to help you achieve different results. In short, I’ll say training should be controlled and isolate the specific body part both on the descent and ascent with a focus on correct form. The pace of your reps should stay the same but if you’d like to add additional stimulation slow down the movement during the descent negative portion of the rep.
Q: Should I drink 100 Plus after I workout? Khairy Z. Asia
A: From what I can see, it's honestly not good at all. There is no protein in it and it's a carbonated beverage. The ingredients are water, sucrose, Glucose, and Citric Acid. Really nothing that will help your health or build muscle. Look for RTD (Ready To Drink) options that contain a well balanced mix of protein and carbs that match your desired goals.

Q: I’m not a fan of taking supplements or synthetic protein after my workout, what food can I eat instead? Ryan T. Dallas, TX
A: Post workout is the most important time to re-fuel your body after an intense workout and the purpose is to get the nutrients to your muscles as quickly as possible. Options available in terms of whole foods would be a 10 egg white and ¾ Oatmeal (Dash of Cinnamon) Pancake. Place all ingredients in a blender for 10-15 seconds. Once mixed place on a pre-heated frying pan and cook both sides till brown, wrap, and bring to the gym with you. Another option that I would consider would be a tuna salad.

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