Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sweat with a Swagger

By reading this blog i’m almost certain that you are one of the more dedicated individuals in the gym and are being looked upon by others to lead by example.  I’m certainly one that believes in being focused in the gym and determined to make ever rep count when you are under the weight, but what do you do after your set is done? I’ve seen over the years many characters of all types in the gym that can make your workout an enjoyable one or a horrible one. Remember that not every person’s goals are the same as the ones you’ve set out for yourself and they should be treated with the same respect as a dedicated athlete. Your actions do have an impact on others (Why do you think they have women’s only gyms) and it should be your code of honor to uphold a professional friendly persona at all times. Focus on yourself, push hard, work up a sweat, and truly be a positive example that others can follow. Please don’t walk around like a mad bull that wants to kill someone grunting and making a mess with sweat, spit, chalk, or anything else.
If someone asks you for advice, take your headphones off and acknowledge them. If you can’t answer their question within your allocated break time between sets, simply tell them what you are doing and that you’ll come find them after you are done and will speak in detail with them. To be completely honest with you, whatever you do inside the gym for the 2-4 hours you spend daily means nothing in the whole picture. It’s truly about the person that you are the other 20 hours of the day that people will remember you for and respect you.

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