Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sweat Can Be Sexy

Use with caution! Sweat can be a great turn on or a great turn off for others depending on how you want to use it in your arsenal. Let’s start by looking at ways that it can be a positive thing that will generate the type of attention that you want. The term “Fresh” sweat is the type of sweat that most people will find sexy; created by working hard within minutes of the interaction with another person. It’s still moist to the touch, feels like body butter, and can have a slight salty taste. This is of course in moderation and even more effective on the face, neck, and bellybutton region. Working out together with your significant other or person you wish to attract is a great way to benefit from “fresh” sweat as that person is within reach to sense it when it’s still FRESH.
George Carlin said it best “Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things”. That type of person is one that has “Old” sweat on them. This happens from letting too much time pass with sweat collecting on the body as it turns to a musty smell and feels like slime to touch. No one on this earth will like this type of sweat and it should be avoided at all cost. As a guideline, I’d say if your body temperature is going to drop back to normal before you interact with the person of interest, I’d play on the side of caution and shower. To further that thought, day or two old sweaty gym shirts aren't plesent and will never be sexy.
Using this technique can be effective but also backfire really quickly. With success, a second workout may transpire, but failure to execute properly will lead to a long cold shower alone. Do it right and keep Sweat sexy…

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