Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Old School Muscle

This post was inspired by a trip back to my hometown and returning to the gym that I first started to workout in. At the time I thought it was the best gym around and looking back at it now after visiting multiple gyms across the country, I know it’s one of the old school gyms that have fallen behind the times. The equipment is old and homemade, the gym is located in a basement, and to be honest it was dirty. That area started my foundation for everything else I did in fitness and no matter what happened and the different trainers I’ve worked with, 75% of what I do today are things that I did 8 years ago in that small community complex gym. It’s truly not the surrounding that makes the man; it’s the man that makes himself by being dedicated and discipline inside and outside of the gym.

There has always been something about basement gyms that have allowed me to be more focused and hungry. I’m not sure if it’s the mind frame of going back to old times, reliving the Rocky series,  or if it’s the dark and damp feeling that brings you back to life. All the new machines and nice change rooms do nothing for your physique if you don’t put in the work needed to create a demand on your body to change, I’m not going to sit here and say that nice new machines and cables don’t add value to your workout because they do in the right situation, but there’s nothing like iron. That’s all you need is good old iron free weights and you can sculpt and incredible work of art. 90% of my workout is done with bodyweight and dumbbells proving that you don’t need anything fancy to build a lean body. 

This leads me to talk about the tank top that i'm wearing in the image above, it's a Sweat Collection Tank that is old school just like the brand is. Everything that i've worn from this company is comfortable and made with some of the finest materials around. You're not going to get fancy colors or patterns from Sweat like a brand new top of the line gym would give you, but rather you're going to get the classic Black and White basic iron you'd find in the working mans gym. The symbol of hard work and dedication is what you'll be wearing on your body and others will not notice you for what you are wearing but instead for the discipline you're putting in. "Sweat is the bodies trophy for success" Corey   

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