Monday, 14 November 2011

Build a Bigger Chest

These are three training tips that will help you add size to your chest and make you look great in tank tops. These are exercises that you should already be doing, but I’ll show you little twists that will increase the tension on your chest and allow you to stimulate more muscle fibers
      The Dip

        Make sure you are doing body weight vertical dips that allow you   to have full motion and concentration when you reach the bottom. If you have the option for close or wide grip, always select the wider grip as it will pull further on your chest muscle at the bottom of the motion. Slowly lower yourself down and pause at the bottom for a quick 2 count. The pause at the bottom will ensure that you do not use the momentum of the movement and it will burn even more!

                            Incline Bench Press with Dumbbells 

         Using dumbbells allow you a further range of motion which stimulates more muscles fibers, change the angle of the bench each set to target your chest slightly differently each set. Start with the Bench one notch below the 90 degree position and as you do each set, lower the bench one notch each time until you reach the lowest notch before flat.     
                        The Dumbbell Fly

           This is one of the best ways to get that stretch on cross-ways on your chest. Perform the fly with the bunch on the first notch above flat. This will be a low incline which will pull slightly more on the upper chest and this is important because the majority of people lack size in the upper chest.

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